Thursday’s thoughts…

Do not rush things that take time. Don’t even think about trying it for one second. Time knows if you’ve really put the time in. You can’t hang idle onto seconds, trading and trying to save them away. It doesn’t work that way. Growth is far more than a catchy Instagram quote. Growth can be joyous and painful, long and almost non existent at times. Rushing will only make you start again or leave you with a half truth. Deep down you know what you did. You know your essence and you know if your soul has grown and if it’s ready. Choose to say to the hard parts of life and try not to gloss over them. Feel the scorching pain of loss. It’s inevitable but it’s also in these times that you are forging character and finding out why every morning you wake up. One of these days you won’t. Your why must over rule everything else. Take your time. Feel your feet rustle the leaves as you stand outside in your back yard taking life in. Say yes! 

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